[TV Show Review] New and Returning TV Shows for Fall 2014 - The Grand Shuckett Widgets Hello and Welcome! This is the Grand Shuckett’s own Superior Spider-Sam’s thoughts (not official reviews) of television shows so far in the young 2014-2015 season. If you’re a podcast listener, then you might already know a little of we feel about certain television shows. If not, now is your chance to find out. We’ll look at any shows we watch that have aired at least 3 episodes so far and tell you if we think it’s a must watch, has potential, or is a no go. First up, ABC’s well-titled How to Get Away With Murder. Starring Viola Davis, this new drama may have misled you in the trailers leading to its release. Some of us here thought it was a show in which a law professor and her students would theorize and discuss ways to get away with murder. It’s not that. There is a murder which involves a legal professor and her top students- students who have been selected to work in the professor’s firm as interns. The show’s similarities to its spiritual sibling Scandal are clear in the writing. Yet it seems show creator Shonda Rhimes has grown even better in the four years since [...]