A Visit with Jaz Karim | The Formula Vita
by Ronald Asiimwe November 9, 2016 Recently, when I was back home in Uganda for the summer holidays, I visited different places and met with different people whom I had taken a long time without seeing. Key among the people I had the opportunity to meet with, was Jaz Karim the founder of the Uganda Children’s’ Trust Fund (UCTF) - a non-government organization that helps to support vulnerable children in Uganda with education and sport. I am one among the many hundreds that passed through this program under the help of Jaz all way through to my first degree in college. When Jaz started the charity, it only had 1 child. When I joined it in 2006, the highest level of education was up to senior six and there were no scholarships for college studies. I was the first student to make it through to the UCTF college scholarship scheme in 2009; together with other two colleagues. All of us have now moved on with Andrew living in China where he is pursuing his masters in computer science, Monday