Trip to Ibanda | The Formula Vita
by Ronald Asiimwe October 26, 2016 On July 30th, I travelled with Dr.Bartha to my ancestral home in Igorora, Ibanda district (about 250 miles from Kampala the capital of Uganda) in western Uganda. This was Dr.Bartha’s first time of visiting my ancestral home after two years of being in touch with him. He woke up very excited ready to get on the next bus to Mbarara. Mbarara is the main business city connecting the rest of western Uganda to the capital Kampala. It was very hard getting on the bus to Mbarara as people fought to enter the bus and get the “best” seats in the busy bus park located in the heart of Kampala city. After a 5-7 minutes battle outside the bus, we finally made it inside! The road from Kampala to Mbarara is a bit smooth so, we had a good bus ride. We arrived in Mbarara (the land flowing with milk and honey as people from this place refer to it) at about 4:30 pm in the afternoon. A brother of mine Geoffrey was waiting for us in the main bus park with a car. We