Report on Recent Activities | The Formula Vita
by Dr. Gregory Bartha October 12, 2016 A major challenge for us in recent months (Ugandans use the word challenge instead of problem) has been the number of patients requiring surgery. I've observed a number of children with osteomyelitis. This is a bone infection that develops after trauma when there is a fracture in which healing is delayed; the infection then sets in. This is a particularly difficult problem because antibiotics diffuse into bones only slowly, and bacteria are often not eradicated. Surgery to remove the infected bone and pinning of the healthy bone may be required. This problem can continue for years and eventually, amputation may be required. The healing process is slow and patients must endure much pain and disability. There are also many gynecological problems that may require surgery. These include chronic pelvic infections, abscesses, cysts, and cancer. Hernias and goiters are common. Recently, two children presented with hydrocephalus. This is