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Updates on Belize by Dr. Gregory Bartha August 31, 2016 Earlier this year, I returned from a 17 day visit to Belize, where I worked with Dr. Javier Canul at the Belize Hospice and Palliative Care Association. Very quickly after my arrival in Belize, we began making home visits to the patients. Most had some type of cancer -- lung, breast, colon or liver. Others had spinal cord injuries with chronic pressure sores. We had to do a lot of wound care. This involves cutting away the dead tissue, packing the wound with absorbent material and covering it with a protective bandage. We provided electric beds for several patients, so they can change positions easily. The only proven method to heal pressure sores is to remove the pressure, so frequent position charges are necessary. Many patients required pain medication. We usually administer ibuprofen or naproxen initially, then follow up with codeine, and finally morphine if the pain remains uncontrolled. Several patients also