Ramon’s Story | The Formula Vita
by Dr. Gregory Bartha June 23, 2016  Ramon is a strong and committed servant of God. She grew up in Florida and was an ambitious person, initially planning to be a flight attendant. Instead, she decided to go to Washington, D.C. with a friend to apply for work at the FBI. She was hired and started in the fingerprint department and was later transferred to intelligence. Ramon met her future husband Bob, who also worked for the FBI. Over the years, they were stationed in a variety of locations, eventually settling in Texas, initially in El Paso and then in Midland. In El Paso, Ramon was an active volunteer in a nursing home ministry. After moving to Midland, Ramon worked as an executive assistant and became active in First Presbyterian Church. She went on her first mission trip to Uganda in 2004 and saw children taking their drinking water from a small pond contaminated with animal waste. This terrible sight affected her greatly, and she struggled to find a way to address the