Kelly’s Story by Dr. Gregory Bartha | The Formula Vita
Kelly's Story October 11, 2015 by Dr. Gregory Bartha Recently, the Cross Emergency Medical Clinic was blessed by the visit and work of Kelly, a retired surgeon from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Kelly grew up in Hobart, Oklahoma, where his father was a family practitioner. When Kelly was a teenager, Jerry Hilton, former pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Midland, moved to Hobart and became pastor of the First Presbyterian Church there. It was during his time as pastor in Hobart that Jerry first wanted to start a youth ministry. Unfortunately, the town was small. There were only a few young people in his congregation, so he decided to form an interdemominational youth group. Kelly was a member of the Methodist church. When he joined Jerry’s youth group, the two men began a life-long friendship. Kelly now lives half of the year in Hot Springs and the other half in a small town in Colorado. Jerry and his wife Mary, usually spend August with him in his Colorado home. Kelly