From London to Brooklyn | The Department of Curiosities and Fine Things
This is our latest post in a series of featured makers. We aim to introduce our makers one at a time and give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes story and insights to their practice. This week we would like to introduce: First up. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Danielle Paewai and I'm from Dannevirke, married to a dairy farmer and a mum of two boys and a third on the way! My business partner is Annette Kendall. I make 100% genuine leather baby shoes which I have a huge passion for! My business is named after my two sons London and Brooklyn. How and why did you get started (instead of getting a proper job like your mother told you)? I had never touched a sewing machine in my life and I never ever expected to, then about 6 months ago my grandmother gave me hers and I began experimenting. I found a small bag of leather in the local Salvation Army shop for $3 and attempted to make my son some moccasins, after that I was hooked and began buying scrap leather from local