My Bucket List
Oh, the almighty bucket list. You’re either for them or against them. Many people say screw it, life isn’t about crossing things off a list. I can partly agree with that, however lists are usually how things get done for me. Most days I wouldn’t remember the two items on my mental grocery list if I hadn’t written them down and plastered it on my mirror to remind me. Lists are how I organize my brain. Without them, I would be even more all over the place than I already am. I think bucket lists are a positive tool for people who want to visualize their lifetime goals. Writing down an intention helps it come to life, what’s so wrong with that? With that being said, here is my current bucket list: Adventure/Sport Bucket: 1.) Helicopter ride 2.) Scuba diving July 2013 3.) Sky diving April 2008 4.) Climb an active volcano 5.) Fire a gun March 2013 6.) Trapeze 7.) Aerial Yoga 8.) Snowboard 9.) Camp/white water rafting in the Grand Canyon 10.) Go diving through a