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Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2042 A small, rural county with just under 30,000 inhabitants in Western North Carolina is getting attention…a lot of attention. In spite of the “Great Recession” and a pervading gloom over much of the nation, this county is thriving. We did some research, and discovered that behind this transformation is a radical idea promoted by Valeska Harraud. The Wall Street Journal travelled to Andrews to talk with Ms. Harraud, and find out what it is that is making such a difference. Ms. Harraud could not resist making my trip more enjoyable by picking me up in a private jet for the last leg of the journey. I have to say, private air travel beats the horror of being irradiated and ‘strip searched’ by TSA every time!! It’s become my favorite mode of travel after only one trip! Laura: So, tell me, Ms. Harraud, what happened to take Cherokee County from being one of the poorest counties in North Carolina to being THE place to be? Valeska: Laura,