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I am an intrepid adventurer! Curious George ain't got nuttin' on me!!!! My well trained Subby kept me playing on the safe side for decades until I engineered a major prison break and entered into the Hero's Journey! I have mentors and helpers who give priceless gifts and guidance, all of which has brought me to this segment, the Great MKMMA Adventure! I am passionate about truth and justice, and restoring the freedom and liberty to America which was taken for granted by the generation of the Founding Fathers. It is only in that environment that there exists the possibility for the 'common man' to discover what we are learning here. My husband is a therapist, social worker, and counselor. There is now a diagnosis with which everyone on this path can be labeled: ARD: Alternative Reality Disorder. Think about that. Isn't that what MKMMA is all about? An EFFECTIVE Alternative to the predominant Collective Consciousness! We are at a tipping point. The last words of my Definite