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SWEDISH MASSAGE - Heidi Spindler It is not necessary to be ill or suffering from any kind of injury in order to benefit from a massage. The sense of well-being that can be invoked by a massage is wonderful and allowing yourself the indulgence of an hour when the world cannot encroach is extremely therapeutic. As prevention is always better than cure, a little time spent this way can save a fortune on pills and potions and in lost working hours. Perhaps massage is needed now more than ever since life can be so pressurised these days. The stresses and strains placed on the body by modern living can be extremely injurious but if the body is allowed to fully relax, its self-healing abilities can be quite awesome. SPORTS MASSAGE - Jon Muscaty Sports massage therapy is designed to be of benefit to people working in sports or other physically demanding pursuits such as dance. It also deals with other forms of stress such as postural imbalance and occupational factors. Massage has been around