Beating the Heat in Vermont | The Caffeinated Day Tripper
Thought I'd share a couple of recent popular photos from the Instagram today. Two weeks ago, summer (finally) arrived here in the Northeast of America. So where do I flee for relief from 90 degree temperatures? Nothing beats a day spent leisurely snaking along Vermont's scenic Connecticut River. I love to bring a box of water crackers, some creamy brie, plump grapes and my precious to-go coffee (maybe even an occasional bubbly beverage). I plop down on the flattest rock in the river, dip my feet into the icy waters and...just breathe. Short but sweet post? Yes. But I hope you'll plan your own Vermont river escape. Make sure you share your photos/stories/suggestions with us, here in the comment section, when you do! Enjoy this post? You may also like Another Perfect Day in Rockport Massachusetts. Happy travels! Keep cool. Erin, The Caffeinated Day Tripper