Carnaval de Québec: Quebec's Winter Carnival | The Caffeinated Day Tripper
Fairmont Chateau Frontenac overlooking Bonhomme's Ice Castle The History of Carnaval Since the first colonizers of New France stepped foot on Québec's shores, the Québécois have been gathering, before Lent, to eat, drink and party through the hardships of winter. This custom endured in the form of Carnaval, an 1894 reinvention of this long-standing tradition. Today, Québec's Winter Carnival is the world's largest winter carnival and third on the list of top carnivals, just after Rio and New Orleans. Of course, it all has to start (and finish) with an ice glass of Carnaval's official drink, Caribou. Sante! Who is Bonhomme? Bonhomme and I, chillin' in his ice castle (literally) Carnaval struggled to thrive through two wars and an economic crisis. In 1954, a group of business people re-vamped the festivities, creating Bonhomme, the event's cuddly and cool representative. Everyone looks forward to catching a glimpse of Bonhomme at Carnaval or his parade. The following video shows