This Might Be the Best Place for a Family Vacation – Ever |
A few years ago, the words "family vacation" would make me cringe. It would bring up images of cheesy theme parks and bad food. And that's fair enough - plenty of people out there perpetuate that stereotype. But let's say you want to go somewhere a little different … somewhere the kid(s) will love, but where the parents don't have to pretend to like it but actually do. That place is Rotorua, New Zealand. Yes, I know - New Zealand is really far away. You probably have that and a bunch of other objections. Let's run through them. When we're done, I'll bet you'll think this might be the best place for a family vacation. New Zealand is Really Far Away Yes, it is. But the time can actually pass quickly on the plane, even with kids. Look, I did this with a 2-year-old girl. The first leg of the trip from Phoenix to Honolulu (about 7 hours), she was awake the whole time. We kept her amused with books and selected toys, plus she liked the airplane food. On the second leg (which was delayed