Finally Booked Our Second Trip Abroad |
So, we had our first international trip with a baby. Now, we're headed abroad with a toddler. Here's what went into our planning, starting with a narrow timeframe and factoring climate into the equation. I'd been pricing flights and trying to figure out what's good at the destination. And yes, I'll admit to indulging my love of flying a bit, too. Here's what I'm coming up with: Auckland, New Zealand - Even though we won't be able to go crazy full-adventure like our last trip to New Zealand, there is still plenty to do there with a little person. There are some decent flights options. Here's what I can't figure out: American Airlines and United Airlines spring for shiny new Boeing 787s and then given them a 31-inch seat pitch. For a flight that long? The only other downside here is that it's not as easy to get around in New Zealand without a car. Hawaii - Really reasonable price. Can't figure out if flying Hawaiian Airlines gets me anything points-wise, but I like their 767 (perfect