Visiting New York City With a Toddler |
Back in April, Anneka made her first visit to New York City. We landed on a Saturday, and went home Thursday. That gave me enough time to collect a few very random thoughts about going to New York City with a toddler. We were on the go non-stop, and even our first 12 hours were jam-packed. New York City playgrounds rock pretty hard. They have a pretty wide variety of features for kids of different ages. Honestly, though, Anneka would be perfectly OK with nothing by stairs and slide. The way she climbs up and down any type of staircase, I think her next vacation should be to a place with lots of pyramids. New York City restaurants are not very toddler-friendly. Think of any place you'd roll into without even thinking of it as an adult single or couple … and pretty much scratch that off your list. It was next to impossible to wedge Anneka's IronMan stroller into any of those places. We wound up at Whole Foods more times than I'd like to count. I also wound up having some of the worst