Flying With a Walking Toddler |
I figured the jig was up - I was going to be That Dad on the flight … the one with the squirming, crying, screaming baby. Just a few months ago, Anneka flew a complete round trip to Germany. She had just started crawling, though, and there's a big difference between a crawling baby and a walking baby - which she is now. She's saying a few words in addition to walking, and she knows how to express what she does or doesn't want. In short, I feared a break in our 20-flight streak of having an amazing traveling baby. But … she the streak is still largely in place. I was not expelled from the paradise of having a baby that travels well. On the way from Phoenix to New York (United Airlines for this leg), Anneka slept most of the flight and was content when she was awake. Returning home, we flew American Airlines. Anneka fell asleep shortly after takeoff, and that lasted about two hours. She had some really fussy moments when she woke up, and she wanted nothing but to be near Mom. Problem is