A Dad's Letter to a 1-Year-Old |
Dear Anneka, As I'm writing this, you're still a bit too young to read. But one day, you might enjoy what I have to say the day before your first birthday. Let me start by listing a few things that you've done before today: You have flown on 18 different airplanes on trips as short as one hour and as long as eight hours. You have been in three foreign countries, met your German relatives, eaten all sorts of unusual foods, traveled by high-speed train, learned to walk and much more. You also seem to love music in all its forms. When I play the guitar, you will walk or crawl over to me to listen. You always like to touch the guitar, and it seems like some part of you understands how it works (you always try to touch the strings). You have your own small guitar, but seem to like my guitars best … and there's one in particular that I hope will be your first and favorite guitar if you decide to play. It has a long and very cool history behind it! You don't seem to like the violin, harmonica