Rating Hotels in Europe |
Our 16-day trip through Europe gave us some chances to sample a few different hotels. That's always kind of fun - you can learn a few interesting things about a country by its hotels. Here's where we stayed during our trip, and I've added some notes on kid-friendly amenities and considerations. Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt City Hauptbahnhof We spent a night here after arriving in Frankfurt. It was a pretty compact room, but the Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt City - Hauptbahnhof looked like it had just been remodeled. It was clean and stylish. I also noticed something that would be a theme in European hotels - it had soap dispensers attached to the walls in squeeze bottles. I always like seeing environmental features like this in a hotel. Imagine all the waste from throwing away individual packages of soap and shampoo, not to mention the unused portions. We were also pretty excited that breakfast was included … not just because "free food," but because Germany seems to follow the mold