Review: Flying with a Baby on Lufthansa |
The people near row 34 of our flight must've felt cursed: two babies in the same row. We were in the outside set of seats on the left side of the plane, and a woman with her little boy was in the middle bank of seats. And he was clearly not happy – lots of howling from that little guy. No matter what the passengers thought, the Lufthansa flight attendants didn't break a sweat over it. Several different flight attendants visited him, even bearing a gift of a stuffed crane (Lufthansa's mascot, whose name is Lou … and yes, Anneka got one, as well). The other just tried to calm the boy by making funny faces and noises to amuse him. They stopped by to fuss over Anneka, too, of course. She was already pretty chill after boarding. She let out a few squeaks and yells, but of the more happy variety. And yeah, the little boy calmed down a bit. About 30 minutes after takeoff, the flight attendants put bassinets on the bulkheads for both babies. They loaded it up with three pillows, attached a