Foodie Adventures in Europe |
Anneka digs into some frites in Belgium. These may have ruined inferior fries for her. During the two short weeks we were in Europe, Anneka took a giant leap forward in eating. She was already trying real, solid, adult-style food - usually with us feeding it to her via spoon. But after our trip, she had increased her skills in feeding herself. Of course, she wasn't using a utensil just yet. Just her hands. Still, her accuracy improved almost daily. By the end of the trip, she rarely missed her mouth. The progress was pretty impressive! We had plenty of the baby pouches because we just didn't know what to expect. Would travel disrupt Anneka enough to drive her to nursing? Would unfamiliar foods not cooked at home throw her off? Would she eat from the baby pouches exclusively? No, no and no. Anneka expanded her palette with some serious enthusiasm. Happy squawks and applause were common at mealtime. Her reactions may even alter how and what we cook at home. Here's the breakdown on fun