The List of Baby Milestones |
The first passport photo of a future international football ticket mule? It's really easy to disappear into the list of baby milestones. There's probably a "first" of some sort every day. And some people love to find the magic in the mundane. I'm not one of them. But Anneka has hit a few milestones I'd like to call out. Here are some fun firsts with you, along with her age at the time. First Animal Encounter - A friendly dog at a O.H.S.O. Eatery + nanoBrewery. She loved it. (About 3 months old) First Flight - Phoenix Sky Harbor to Baltimore, US Airways (3 months) Soccer Game - Arizona United versus Timbers FC 2. United lost. Of course. (4 months) Hockey Game - Arizona Coyotes versus Anaheim Ducks. The Coyotes lost. Of course. Hmm, I sense a pattern. (4 months) First Tooth - A pair of lower front teeth popping out at the same time. (5 months) First Beach Visit - Carlsbad, Calif. (6 months) First Passport - It's on the way! (7 months) This is the day Anneka saw the ocean for the first