REI Kingdom 4 Tent: Great for Family Camping |
Late afternoon up in the Rom Country, relaxing in the REI Kingdom 4. If you haven't bought a tent in awhile, prepare to be more than a little shocked the next time you shop for one. The tent makers have thought of just about everything these days. Let me back up: My last tent purchase was probably 13 years ago. That's about when Sarah swore she'd never camp with me if I forced to sleep in my old dome tent by The North Face. It wasn't a problem with the tent - it was a problem of a decade-plus of BO, flatus, moisture and poor tent care combining to leave my poor tent uninhabitable to everyone but … well, me. So I bought a new The North Face Rock 22, a fine 2-person tent that sheltered us from Arizona to Iceland, even to above the Arctic Circle in Norway. It did a fine job. We can put it up in seconds, it has a tiny footprint and its snug yet comfortable for two people plus gear. The Little Bug gets familiar with tent life. But with Anneka as part of our new camping crew, the little