Gallup Doesn't Poll About Reading Habits for 14 years, Reports People Are Reading More Books | The Digital Reader
Gallup took another of its tetradecennial looks at American reading habits in December, and last week it released the data. In spite of the increase in digital distractions, Americans are reading about as many books as they were fourteen years ago. Highlights of the report include: 35% of respondents said they read more than 11 books in the past year (unchanged from 2002) 16% read no books in the past year (a decline from 18%) 48% read between one and ten books in the past year (up from 46% in 2002) 53% of young adults read between one and 10 books in the past year Excerpt: Although the survey did not track the types of books that Americans read by age group, book reading in general is fairly similar by age group among U.S. adults. It is a bit more prevalent among the oldest and youngest age groups than among those in the middle years. Roughly nine in 10 adults aged 18 to 29 (91%) report reading at least one book in the past year -- possibly related to the required reading among college students within this age group. The percentage among those aged 65 and older is 85%. Nearly [...]