Erotic Novelist Chuck Tingle Launches Breitbart Parody | The Digital Reader
The most recent news about the president-elect is so absurd that you might think political satire is dead, but Chuck Tingle doesn't think so. He's just launched a new parody site called Chuck Tingle, whose erotic "Tingler" novels like Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt transcend mere porn, is also a political activist in his own way. During the election cycle, he released a Bernie Sanders novel and tweeted fact-checks of the debates, coming out against "DOMALD TROMP," who he says is a demon from the void dimension. Now that the void demon is in charge, Tingle has taken a new tack: He's launched a site called Buttbart. Buttbart is Tingle's answer to Breitbart, the popular and controversial news source for the white nationalist alt-right movement. It's a satire, but not a straightforward parody; it's a fanciful expansion of Tingle's previous anti-Trump site, trumpdebatefacts. The same way Tingle's books come at real-world issues and questions of metaphysics with a sort of fantastical, magical realism, Buttbart treats Trump the metaphorical crab-demon as literal. The real news is expanded and electrified to the proportions a Tingler requires. As its tagline says, less ironically than you might think, "WE TAKE THE [...]