US Supreme Court Declines to Examine Tech Industry Legal Shield | The Digital Reader
For the past several years a number of parties have been trying to use the courts to invent loopholes in Section 230 of the CDA. This law creates a safe harbor which protects websites from being liable for the actions of their users. Lawyers have filed civil suits, attorneys general have grandstanded and filed criminal charges. So far nothing has worked, and now the Supreme Court has just passed on a chance to rule on Section 230. The US Supreme Court on Monday boosted one of the tech industry's go-to defenses in suits to hold websites liable for content posted by others, rebuffing an appeal by women who accused an online ad site of promoting child sex trafficking. The justices refused to consider reviving a lawsuit against filed by three young women who claimed the website facilitated their forced prostitution through classified advertisements posted in its "escorts" section. The high court let stand a lower court's decision last year to dismiss the lawsuit because the Communications Decency Act, a 1996 law protecting free speech on the internet, shielded Backpage from liability for the content of the ads. Tech companies commonly invoke the Communications Decency Act in defending against similar lawsuits. The [...]