How do I find an Amazon Locker, Amazon Books, or Amazon Pop-Up Store Location? | The Digital Reader
Amazon is known for being the world's largest online retailer, but it also has a growing brick-and-mortar presence. The retailer has opened bookstores, installed lockers, set up staffed pick-up locations, and has opened semi-permanent "pop-up" stores across the US and around the world. Amazon opened its first bookstore in late 2015 in Seattle, and now has 8 stores open or in the planning stages on the east and west coasts. Starting in November 2013, Amazon has installed over two dozen pop-up stores in locations ranging from San Francisco to New York to Beijing. And there are more lockers than you can shake a stick at in convenience stores, outside Amazon warehouses, and in malls. But how do you find them? That's easier than you might think - once you know where to look. Amazon has added pages to its site which you can use to find the closest or most convenient location. Amazon Pop-Up stores Amazon Books Amazon Lockers The pages for Amazon books and the pop-up stores simply list the locations, but the Amazon Lockers page lets you search based on a zip code, address, or landmark. Searching by zip code, for example, returns a list of the 20 closest Amazon Lockers. [...]