Hands On With the QuirkLogic Quilla (video) | The Digital Reader
Charbax found the Quilla at CES in Las Vegas this week, and while this device will never replace large LED screens as a display device it has serious potential as a collaboration tool. QuirkLogic director of product engineering Ken Horemans demoed the Quilla, which as it turns out is a lot more than just a whiteboard. The Quilla is based on a 42" E-ink screen, but it's also built on a software platform which enables one or more Quilla units to work either cooperatively or in collaboration. Check it out. That was an impressive demo, but did you notice how many of the features were dependent on the cloud? As we learned with Google and the Revolv smart hub, smart devices work great - right up until the company turns off its servers. Google's Nest turned off Revolv's servers two years after buying the company because they were only interested in the tech rather than the products, and didn't give a damn about their customers. Quilla users won't be in that situation because the Quilla is designed for the business market rather than consumers and is thus less likely to be discontinued. But QuirkLogic is a startup and may lack the financial [...]