Netflix for Comics: Where to Find Unlimited Comics Now That Scribd Has Dropped Out | The Digital Reader
What with Scribd having removed digital comics from its subscription service in early December, many comics readers are looking for their next source for a binge-reading session. Sure, they could simply buy each of the comics as they work their way through a series, but that is a good way to lose the next several months' rent. (They might patronize a site with free comics, but the selection and support is limited.) Luckily, there is a cheaper option. Several companies, including Comixology and Marvel, offer unlimited reading services for a flat monthly fee. Readers can binge-read Iron-Man or Daredevil to their hearts delight without running up a huge tab. There are at least a half-dozen competing sites. Their catalogs and support vary widely, so let's start with the unconventional and work our way through the obscure to the giants. To start, there's GoComics. This is not a paid service for comic books and graphic novels; instead GoComics hosts the daily comics found on the funny pages of your local newspaper. Here you'll find everything from Dilbert to Andy Capp to what appears to be the complete run of Calviin and Hobbes. All of the comics can be read online, or in apps for Android, [...]