Scribd Pulls Digital Comics From Its Subscription Reading Service | The Digital Reader
A reader has tipped me to the news that Scribd has quietly removed digital comics from its subscription reading service. Ten thousand comics had been added in February 2015 when Scribd was still in the upward swing, but now that Scribd is in decline the comic books have vanished in a cost-cutting measure. Scribd had not officially announced the change, but numerous people have complained about their departure on Twitter, and digital comics are no longer mentioned on the Scribd website. Scribd confirmed the news in a statement: We launched comics in 2015, and while we were excited to bring new content to our readers, few actively took advantage of them. We will be focusing our efforts on enhancing the experience surrounding our other great content types including books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents. We alerted comic readers of the news via email in early December. We understand that this news is disappointing to comic readers. This was a difficult decision, and we hope that they’ll explore the rest of what Scribd has to offer in the coming months. It's interesting that Scribd says that they informed subscribers, because that is not the impression I get from the complaints on Twitter. [...]