On Moving a Blog to Medium | The Digital Reader
Last week's scare over a corrupted backup is making me reevaluate my plans for this blog, its infrastructure, and its future. I am for example considering an offer of corporate sponsorship (from a company I obviously should not name). And of course several people have urged me to start a Patreon account to compliment my Paypal donation button. My plans are still up in the air, but I can tell you one move I won't be taking. I won't be moving this blog to Medium. On Thursday I received a pitch email from a company working with Medium. The company was recruiting web publishers to move their operation from where ever they are hosted now to Medium, and making bold promises. I won't be taking Medium up on their offer, both because I don't trust the platform's longevity but also because I am convinced their ad system is fundamentally flawed. I can't quote the entire email here, but I will tell you that they promised the "migration from WordPress or whatever CMS you use is completely free and there's a guaranteed RPM". They didn't come out and say how revenue would be generated, so I followed up and was told that " has native ads [...]