A masculine take on ceramics - Kähler Spring 2016 News | that nordic feeling
You might remember how excited I was last season when I found out that two of my favourites had teamed up. Well brace yourself, because they just took it to the next level! Studio Arhøj and Kähler have done it again – and the result is even more spectacular than last season. Yes, I am very excited about the new line of tableware Kähler and Studio Arhøj are launching this spring. Imagine all the best from the colour palette of the rough Nordic nature coming together with beautiful shapes and materials – and you have the new tableware called Ombria. Onbria means shadow or contrast, which was the inspiration for the series. I absolutely love it and am particularly excited about the more masculine expression. Let’s face it, a lot of ceramics have a more feminine touch, where as this reminds me of a rugged coastline, a pine forest at dusk and the deep ocean. See for yourself! Coming to stores sometime this spring. © that nordic feeling ♥ Follow that nordic feeling on: bloglovin' | facebook | instagram | twitter | pinterest Related