The Owl & The End of Fear |
I write a lot about creativity and how embracing my creativity has changed my life. I'm happier, more fulfilled, more mindful, more open, the list is infinite, results divine. Creative work is a way to know and become yourself but it is also a way out of the body and mind and a very real way to feel connected. When you become completely absorbed in creative work you become a channel for something that feels, supernatural. I've long thought artists, creatives, the closest thing we have to secrets of the universe, to divinity on earth, but I've discovered we can all share in that in ways beyond our appreciation of the good and the great. Through our own efforts we can tap the magic for ourselves. It's about being open, being fully and freely yourself, the exact opposite of how we are trained and confined from a very young age. When you get in touch with your creative side which is the real you, you feel any number of wonderful things, peace, community, a sense of freedom and oneness. But