Red Sky In The Morning – Creativity Warning… |
Hello! Happy Friday and happy 12th of January from our misty land. Despite my struggles with so few hours of daylight, January is always a creatively productive time for me. My Creativity Workshop of the 6th has infused the house with higher energy, and the presence of those who took part. My sister in-law Lisa, walking in the other day remarked. 'Wow! It's lovely in here, very zen.' In that spirit I've kept the extra table I brought in. Now we have tables running the length of the house and they are so tantalising. 'Come, sit here,' they seem to say, 'dream, create something.' So I do. Comfort is a kitchen table. A powerful place. There is no territory beyond the table, we know that now. We've been living life in darkness without edges. Only endless, infinite space surrounds us. Outside has faded in mist. Even the walls of the house have disappeared. I've taken to lighting only the tables. Floating islands of cheer. Between tables and pondering the universe I've been planning my next