Feedback on My Novel… Even I Didn't Imagine This… |
'Hi Jane - wow! It's been quite a few versions since I've read this and it's really polished...'s more cohesive than earlier versions. I love it. Reminiscent of the Bronte's and Daphne du Maurier I'd say. But it's very much in the vein of du Maurier... atmospheric and foreboding, with the same strong sense of place... the way Ireland really is on those wild days. When you'd be terrified to walk home by yourself in the country because if the headless nuns who are known to walk around the lake don't get you then you might end up in a fairy fort or you might hear the banshee. I'm comparing you to one of my favourite writers and you know I'm fussy. Very proud of your work. It really is amazing - you have taken an idea, done all the hard work, and now you practically have a published book now. Just fantastic!!' This is just a snippet of the feedback on my novel from my dear friend and literary expert Clare McGovern, she also gave me valuable technical pointers and guidance that I know