My Shopping List |
Grey Saturday morning, Lidl, Carrick on Shannon. I'm here to do our grocery shop for our family of five. Want to come along? Ooh porridge, that's good. Very versatile. Good for breakfast and for dessert. Think home made granola, flapjacks and crumbles for a start. I'm trying to stick to my list but the end of aisle offers for fruit and veg are always great and usually I buy whatever it is and make it work. The 'help'... I'm in my element in the fruit and veg section because all I can see now is endless possibilities for gorgeous dinners. I'm feeling the Med, India, Africa. I'm thinking what herbs, what spices. I'm having taste memories, fantasies, exotic ideas, ah yes! Meanwhile in the 'men's aisle' the troops have a rest... Taking a moment myself, what do you mean I'm not actually in the Med! Brought back to reality... Carrots. Don't boil them, bake them. Well boil them a teensy bit first but then...bake them, alone or with parsnips, in honey or maple syrup and a little oil