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It's been another lively week here at Gilheaney-Barry HQ. I'm meeting myself at corners along with daffodils, brighter evenings and mornings, oh joy! Those who say spring begins on March 1 in Ireland are wrong. You only have to look around you. The latest review of my novel Cailleach~Witch made my week. (See end of this post) Especially now I'm working on book two. Grateful for the lovely boost, and reminder of work done. None of it this week unfortunately. Sob! And none of it this weekend as we've a wedding tomorrow and a family gathering Sunday. Be assured, I'll be thinking about it the whole time. Speaking of the wedding... Earlier in the week I asked my fb and Instagram followers to choose an outfit. You guys rose to the occasion and the 60's style mini-dress won the vote by a landslide. So ok then, I'm wearing it. Though I think the photo by Sadhbh (7) may be behind this result. Adrian took the other one. Lol. I was actually told lately, by someone I respect on these matters, that