I Regret Baptising My Children |
Monday May 8th 2017 This weekend we had first communion which is ironic because when it comes to religion my view can be summed up by saying that as a woman in particular I feel it's my duty to have nothing to do with any church. I have zero time for the church as an institution, plus I have no faith in any god or gods. Two very different things that are often confused. But not by me. I'm out on both. The trouble is I didn't always think the way I do now, or to be more precise, didn't think. Hence communion on Saturday. Like everyone else in my world I was raised Catholic, and like a lot of people just went through the motions of these things without thinking of their significance. I'm not sure when the change happened, but it probably began with a keen interest in women and history. Can you be a champion of women AND of religion? I have my doubts. History seems to support me. Examples of the church as an institution of power and control are a baptism of riches, no pun intended