Do You Dream of Quitting Your Job? |
Do you dream of quitting your job or of working part-time? Do you wonder if you could cope financially? Or mentally? Or maybe you are unemployed at the moment, job hunting and feeling the strain. Work is so tied up with our feelings of worth and security but is that right? I think we know that for most people it isn't right, or true. Most people are under-paid, under-valued, have little or no opportunity for advancement, to use their talents or initiative, and on top of all this their job isn't secure. What they get is the status of working, the hope of security and enough to manage, if they're lucky. Generations before have lived and worked like this too, but on a promise. The promise was the future, that for the children it could, it would be better, if we all worked harder. But that is no longer true and everyone knows it. Our children will not have the opportunities we had, they are facing a harder future than we, our parents or grandparents did and what's more it's not our fault.