How It Feels to be a Published Author… #CailleachWitch |
So in case you've been sleeping this happened... I still can't quite believe it. It feels... surreal. I've been using that word a lot. It's been overwhelming at times, and dream-like. I mean it's finished. It's here. And I can hold it in my hands. A real book, with my name on it, that I wrote. My book. How can that be real? It's weird too because I've been fighting for this, all my life. If you're creative I think you'll know what I mean. - We just don't live in that kind of world. And I think that's why I feel so strange this past few weeks. Because I won. To some of you I won this long ago, but for some reason THIS is the win for me. So when people, with the best intentions of course say they hope the book is 'successful' they don't know the book is already successful because it EXISTS. Against the odds it exists. When I was young I didn't know, what it was I was fighting for, or what I was up against. But it felt like it might be something to do with me, who I was, and what I