Full of Myself |
Full of yourself aren't you? Yes. I am full of myself, I am whole, no emptiness. I wear no mask but don't try to define me. I am not Irish, woman, mother, wife, I am only myself, this is my life. I fear, but only myself, I have no regret and no envy, no desire for anything money can buy me and because I am me, I am free, I can love, I am richer than any man and any rule or god. Nothing and no one can make me feel more or can make me feel less, only me and I rule myself. I take my pain and I take my pleasure and I am not bowed by any weather. In the battle for me I found me, all life, all purpose, I was not built for your man made circus, Like you I was born to rattle and rage, to howl at the moon, to roll with the waves. To live and be free, to laugh and to love. But tell me, you, not full of yourself, what are you full of? Is it enough? This week we were gifted a short break with the children in Dublin. My love for the place is no secret but this time I've come home feeling