Easy Sundried Tomato Bread & Cheesy Chilli Bean Soup |
In my nods to self sufficiency I'm also trying to keep things easy, a contradiction in terms if ever there was one. We have however managed to go a week and a half now eating only our own breads which feels great. Well among the easy plain white and brown soda breads I've been seeking even easier options, especially those that free me from using yeast which I couldn't be bothered with and the food processor which I'm kind of afraid of. I know, I don't understand myself either. Somewhere along the way I found this recipe for sundried tomato bread that I must have ripped out of a magazine and saved years ago for the future days when I'd be making my own bread. Do you do that too? Collect recipes you'll probably never use! Among all the magazines I own (hundreds) I'd say at least half have been forever folded at some inspiration point or other for something I may never use but can't bring myself to close the page on. Even a year ago I wouldn't have thought I'd be making bread but then a