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Hello, hello. If you follow me on FB you already know I received a positive email response from a literary agent yesterday. After the initial shock, I was not expecting to hear back so soon i.e. a few hours after sending my proposal, plus I'd been more prepared I think for rejection. I still am. Well after that came the elation, the pure unadulterated joy of an email that read, ahem... 'Dear Jane, Thanks so much for getting in touch. I love the sound of CAILLEACH so will look forward to reading and get back to you as quickly as I can.' Isn't that just fantastic. I was happy all day but with the night anxiety crept in. I think because it means so much to me. And up until now I've just been focused on the work, the story, on what I could do. So I collapsed in a heap by the fire and Adrian made me tea, and toast, and we watched Vikings. We've been binge watching Vikings which as you know is the only way to watch anything these days. I love when we have something we can watch together