Dear Jane – 'The book keeps gathering steam, brewing up its charms & spells.' #CailleachWitch |
'As far as Drew could tell the only fast moving thing now was the river that flowed from the mountain.' I've made it to Chapter 25, and the book keeps gathering steam, brewing up its charms and spells. Love, Tamara. Dear Tamara, thank you for your latest postcard. A joy as usual. And for taking me on your journey of reading my book. I love to see what words you've chosen. And now we're almost at the end. I will miss your selections. Much Love, Jane. 'I have come back to things that are impossible to do... apart from painting and gardening, I am good for nothing. My greatest masterpiece is my garden.' - Claude Monet And the reviews keep coming too. Like this incredibly thoughtful one from Amazon Canada... ps Please leave a review if you've read the book. With enough reviews Amazon will start promoting it to other customers. To Amazon a one word review is every bit as good as one like this. Reviews like this one are most helpful to potential readers, and lovely to read of course. In