#CailleachWitch The Publishing Process & Next Steps |
Friends, I am not enjoying the publishing process. Five years of uncharacteristic patience on my part in writing and re-writing and it seems that patience is suddenly, furiously, at an end. I want to hold my book. Besides that I'm so bad at the technical stuff. It stresses me no end. I suppose you can't be good at everything. I'm trying to be good at writing. That's more than enough for one life. Right now I'm focused on promotion and spreading the word about #CailleachWitch and thank you for helping me with that, but my mind is already grappling for something, something dark? Of course. A ghost story perhaps, or a circus. The question is, what kind of world do I want to inhabit next? It's autumn now, and the girls back at school. Conditions are perfect, and will be more perfect yet. Says she, feeling winter already. And then there's my creativity book, a guide for creative souls everywhere yearning. One draft written, by my other, more colourful side. Soon I'll get back to that.