#CailleachWitch Surpasses Average 'First Year' Book Sales In First Seven Weeks… |
CAILLEACH~WITCH has far surpassed the average mark for first year book sales of any book, independent or otherwise, in less than two months. It's also reviewing incredibly well on Amazon UK, USA, and CANADA. Plus Goodreads. To make things even better we've done this, you and I. This has been done with the support of a community of artists, creative rebels, readers, writers, and other cool individuals, through six years of content creation, curation, and sharing, at That Curious Love of Green blog & fb page. Through some of the best, and also worst, years of my life. . What I did was I took the good with the bad and I built something. That Curious Love of Green, the book Cailleach~Witch, myself, and the life I wanted, that best suits me. No budget, no advertising, no advance reviews, or blog tours, no author copies, no outside connections. . It's a major win for anyone but for a debut author, an independent author, a working class writer, outsider woman, and mother,