#CailleachWitch Quotes |
Here's a selection of quotes from #CailleachWitch to get you in the mood. If you like these you are going to LOVE the book. Just two weeks until you can pre-order your copy from Amazon. Four weeks to release... The trouble started with Dea, she was not a woman to be messed with. Who would build a house there? Only a witch would do something like that. The five women sat in silence. Only the house sighed. Only the light shining in moved like waves on the floor. Still, there was comfort in it. Their world was shifting, but the seasons wouldn't, nature wouldn't. Spring would always follow winter, and summer after that. Drew, the youngest, has always been independent, does her own thing, without chains of identity. Erin was the kind of woman people told dark secrets to. They wanted her. Her power. To possess her, reduce her, and they wanted her to need them. But she was not part of the world that had made them like that, and it was never going to happen. That night Dúlta dreamed of her