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Introducing my novel Cailleach ~ Witch IN 3D. Isn't it beautiful... I can't imagine what I'll be like when I finally get to hold the book in my hands in just a matter of weeks... In other news... Working with an Editor Working with someone else on the book made me nervous at first but now I am LOVING this part of the process. She's brilliant, and she gets my vision. Five years of working alone on this project and now it's in someone else's head, someone who gets it, and can help. I just find that amazing don't you? Here's what she had to say about Cailleach ~ Witch... 'I think it's an excellent book. It's got a genuineness to it that resonates, and you can feel the place and imagine it, and you have three dimensional characters, strong women characters who have flaws and imperfections of character. Readers of this genre like a strong female protagonist and they like to feel connected to a more magical time.' - Sheryl Lee. I couldn't ask for better than that. On another