#Banshee The New Book is Coming… |
If you follow me anywhere else you already know we've had a rough few weeks here at Gilheaney/Barry HQ. First my sister-in-law Lisa Gilheaney, who's expecting, and her son Cuan, aged two, and my Dad, were all hospitalised within a few weeks of each other, in a flu/virus melee gone mad. Complicated for Dad by Parkinson's, and the nurses strike to be honest, though I fully support that. Somewhere in the middle I fell ill for a few days, and then Sadhbh became very ill. So after a flying start to the new year, and the new book, everything ground to a halt. And truth be told I was too busy to be fretting. But no sooner had all calmed down came the crash, exhaustion, and a kind of despair. Acute awareness of time. And the need to get back. And the grave impossibility, of doing just that. Time spent in Sligo General took its toll and so the weekend was spent 'relaxing' i.e. going mad but too tired to do anything much about it. It was in one such moment, having keeled over, that I took to